Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is a holiday celebrated by the Christians, on 25th December every year, in the major part of the world, to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, the Messiah came from Heaven to save the world.

It is believed that Jesus was born to Mary in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Jesus was born in a manger because there was not much room for him and for his parents, Mary and Joseph. The word Christmas comes from Cristes maesse, an old English phrase that means ‘Mass of Christ’.

Christmas is a festival that brings joy, happiness and love in people’s life. On this day, people go to church, sing carols, exchange gifts, decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe, lights, and Christmas trees and organize family gatherings. On the Christmas Eve 24 December , churches around the world hold evening services. At midnight, most churches hold special candlelight services.

Santa Claus is a popular character also known as Father ChristmasSaint Nicholas, or simply Santa around the world, during the Christmas celebration who brings gifts for the well-behaved children and is said to be a man originating in Western Christian culture in Constantinople region . The modern character of Santa Claus was based on traditions surrounding the historical Saint Nicholas (a fourth-century Greek bishop, the Constantinople figure of Father Christmas, and the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas . Some also claim Santa Claus absorbed elements of the Germanic deity Wodan, who was associated with the pagan midwinter event of Yule and led the Wild Hunt.